Edwards Silverskin Onions 350g (Tangy Delight)

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Edwards Silverskin Onions

A Tangy Delight Straight from the Jar

Edward’s Silver Skin Onions are a classic British condiment that adds a tangy punch to any meal. These small, pickled onions have been a beloved addition to sandwiches, salads, and cheese platters for generations, offering a burst of flavor and a satisfying crunch.

Produced by Edward’s, a company with a long history of pickling expertise, Silver Skin Onions are made using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients.

Each jar is packed with small, pearl-like onions that have been carefully pickled in a seasoned vinegar brine, resulting in a condiment that is both tangy and sweet.

The process of making Edward’s Silver Skin Onions begins with the selection of the finest onions. Small, firm, and round, these onions are perfect for pickling, as their size allows them to absorb the flavors of the brine while retaining their crisp texture.

After being carefully cleaned and peeled, the onions are immersed in a vinegar solution, which has been infused with a blend of spices and herbs.

One of the defining features of Edward’s Silver Skin Onions is their tangy flavor. The vinegar brine, seasoned with mustard seeds, peppercorns, and other spices, gives the onions a zesty kick that is balanced by their natural sweetness.

This combination of flavors creates a condiment that is bold and vibrant, with a satisfying acidity that cuts through rich and savory dishes.

The texture of Edward’s Silver Skin Onions is another standout feature. Unlike some pickled onions that can be overly soft or mushy, Edward’s onions retain their firmness, providing a satisfying crunch with each bite.

This makes them perfect for adding texture and depth to salads, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards.

One of the great appeals of Edward’s Silver Skin Onions is their versatility. While they are commonly served as a condiment for cheese and cold meats, they can also be used to add flavor to a wide range of dishes.

Add them to salads for a tangy twist, use them to garnish cocktails for a unique touch, or enjoy them straight from the jar as a flavorful snack.

Beyond their culinary versatility, Edward’s Silver Skin Onions hold a special place in British food culture as a symbol of tradition and nostalgia. For many Britons, a jar of pickled onions is a familiar sight at family gatherings, pub lunches, and festive celebrations.

Their tangy flavor and satisfying crunch add excitement to any meal, making them a beloved part of the culinary landscape.

In recent years, Edward’s Silver Skin Onions have gained popularity beyond the UK, finding fans in food enthusiasts around the world who appreciate their bold flavor and versatility.

While they may have humble origins in Britain, their appeal knows no borders, making them a truly global condiment.

Despite their widespread popularity, Edward’s Silver Skin Onions remain true to their roots, proudly showcasing the best of British flavors and traditions.

Each jar is made with care and attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients and time-tested methods. Whether enjoyed as a condiment or as an ingredient in recipes, they add a burst of excitement to any dish, making them a favorite among food lovers everywhere.

In conclusion, Edward’s Silver Skin Onions are more than just a condiment – they’re a culinary classic that brings joy to every meal.

With their tangy flavor, satisfying crunch, and versatility, they add a touch of excitement to salads, sandwiches, and savory dishes. Whether you’re enjoying them at a picnic, barbecue, or cozy dinner at home, Edward’s Silver Skin Onions are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Mr Edwards & Mr Frederick King started pickling crunchy fresh veg in Belfast in 1896. Since then, we’ve carried on the tradition, making our unique Belfast recipe pickles so deliciously tangy, they’ll give any taste bud a decent tickle.

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Weight 0.350 kg


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