Wilkin and Sons Tiptree Piccalilli 220g (Iconic Flavor, Vibrant Colour)

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Wilkin and Sons Tiptree Piccalilli

A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Flavor

In the world of condiments, few are as beloved and versatile as Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Piccalilli. With its vibrant colors, tangy flavor, and crunchy texture, this classic British relish has been a pantry staple for generations, adding a punch of flavor to everything from sandwiches to cold cuts and cheeseboards.

Originating in the small village of Tiptree in Essex, England, Wilkin & Sons has been producing high-quality preserves and condiments since 1885.

Their Tiptree Piccalilli is a testament to the company’s commitment to tradition and taste, with a recipe that remains largely unchanged over the years.

At the heart of Tiptree Piccalilli is a colorful medley of crunchy vegetables, including cauliflower, gherkins, onions, and peppers, all finely chopped and pickled in a tangy mustard sauce.

This combination of flavors and textures creates a relish that is both sweet and sour, with a hint of spice from the mustard and turmeric.

The key to Tiptree Piccalilli’s distinctive flavor is the quality of its ingredients. Wilkin & Sons prides itself on sourcing only the finest produce, much of it grown on their own farms in Essex.

From the crisp cauliflower to the tangy gherkins, each vegetable is carefully selected for its freshness and flavor, ensuring that every jar of Tiptree Piccalilli is bursting with taste.

The pickling process begins by brining the vegetables in a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and spices, allowing them to absorb the flavors and develop their distinctive tangy taste.

The addition of mustard powder and turmeric gives the piccalilli its signature golden hue and adds a subtle warmth to the flavor profile.

Once the vegetables have been pickled to perfection, they are packed into jars and left to mature, allowing the flavors to meld and intensify over time.

This aging process is crucial to achieving the rich, complex taste that sets Tiptree Piccalilli apart from other relishes on the market.

One of the things that sets Tiptree Piccalilli apart is its versatility. While it is traditionally served as an accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses, it can also be used to add a burst of flavor to a wide range of dishes.

Spread it on sandwiches and wraps, spoon it over grilled meats or fish, or use it as a dipping sauce for crispy snacks – the possibilities are endless.

Beyond its culinary appeal, Tiptree Piccalilli holds a special place in the hearts of many Britons as a symbol of tradition and quality.

The distinctive Tiptree label, with its iconic red and white design, is instantly recognizable, evoking memories of family gatherings, picnics in the park, and Sunday roasts. For many, a jar of Tiptree Piccalilli is not just a condiment – it’s a taste of home.

In recent years, Tiptree Piccalilli has gained popularity beyond the UK, finding fans in food lovers around the world who appreciate its bold flavor and artisanal craftsmanship.

While it may have humble origins in the English countryside, its appeal knows no borders, making it a truly global condiment.

In conclusion, Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Piccalilli is more than just a relish – it’s a culinary classic that embodies the best of British tradition and flavor.

With its crunchy vegetables, tangy mustard sauce, and unbeatable versatility, it’s no wonder that Tiptree Piccalilli has stood the test of time and remains a firm favorite among food lovers everywhere.

History of Wilkin & Sons:
The Wilkin family came to Tiptree, Essex and started farming at Trewlands farm in the early 1700s. By 1865, the farm was beginning to move from arable crops to fruit, which were shipped to markets in London. There were around 850 people living in Tiptree by that time. From 1904 this was via the Kelvedon and Tollesbury Light Railway, with the company providing most of the freight traffic at Tiptree station until the line’s closure in 1962.

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Weight 0.320 kg


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